How to Minimize Electronics Manufacturing Disruption During the 2022 Lunar New Year

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The Lunar New Year is on February 1st, 2022, and millions of Chinese workers will travel to be with their families for the occasion, leaving thousands of factories closed and manufacturing production hampered for almost a month.

It will take a while for the backlog to clear after the celebration, resulting in mass delays for US businesses with tight production deadlines. So what can you do to limit the impact of this major holiday on your business each year?

Reconsider Where Your Products Should be Manufactured

One of the best ways to minimize Lunar New Year disruption is to reduce your reliance on China and consider utilizing North American factories that aren't affected by this holiday.

MacroFab can help make the reshoring process easy with our intuitive online platform and vast factory network. You don't even have to sacrifice your cost advantage to come back to North America. Landed cost for most products are competitive, or even less expensive, than offshore manufacturing options. Plus:

  • Reshoring provides the most amount of control over your manufacturing process
  • Mitigate extensive shipping delays and produce products closer to the end-user market
  • Gain increased communication and support throughout all phases of production in the same time zone
  • Improve your product’s time to market

Forecast Demand Well in Advance

Forecasting specifically with the Lunar New Year in mind is essential. For most companies, this means forecasting demand before and after the holiday to understand how much inventory will be needed over a two or three-month stretch.  

With MacroFab, you can ease the burden that can often be the root cause of production and delivery delays.

  • Our strategic sourcing team will hunt down your components outside of primary suppliers if they are already out of stock
  • If possible, we'll find your approved alternative components to keep your production on schedule
  • All parts sourced by MacroFab are thoroughly tested for validity and functionality before being applied to your build

"The biggest benefit of working with MacroFab is growing the business through your services. We were able to start small and quickly figure out issues. Now we are ordering 10x what we were two years ago."

Matt G.

Lead Electrical Engineer, Kinetic

Avoid Quality Concerns

Factor in Logistical Challenges

Shipping finished product from China to warehouses in the US can be extremely costly and time consuming immediately before and after the lunar holiday, further impacting timelines.

Much of these issues are eradicated when manufacturing takes place in North America, where you can have your products assembled, stored, and shipped wherever you need it to go with MacroFab.

  • Products are produced closer to the end-user
  • Beat the competition and get new products into the market faster 
  • Quicker turnaround for manufacturing future versions
  • No more port delays

Another consequence of the Lunar New Year is production quality tends to fall, as factories work overtime to get more inventory out the door before the shutdown.

Receiving defective products from overseas presents massive challenges and additional delays for any business, so it's important to have guarantees in place to ease the concern.

MacroFab offers a 1-year workmanship guarantee on all manufactured products, so you can rest easy knowing the product you are shipping out to customers is meeting everyone's quality expectations.

MacroFab customers include:

Gain the Advantage Over Your Competition with MacroFab

Don't get hung up during this time every year - join MacroFab. MacroFab is a digital electronics manufacturing platform that streamlines every aspect of electronics production, from initial prototyping to mass production. Our solution enables engineers to iterate on digital designs quickly, source primary and alternate components, evaluate numerous manufacturing partners, and take advantage of the best facilities available at any given time.

By shifting production to MacroFab, companies can cut ties with overseas suppliers that are hard to work with for various reasons - time zone differences, macroeconomic factors, lack of transparency, design change inflexibility, etc.. When it comes to a situation like the Lunar New Year, MacroFab’s expert support team can help you shift volume quickly to other facilities to stay on top of delivery schedules.

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